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About OnlyMerit

About Us is your Go-to destination for all needs related to Healthcare and Medical Travel. OnlyMerit is also the exclusive Promoter of Medical Travel for Ethiopian Airlines, the world's leading and Africas largest Airline.
OnlyMerit works with all leading Hospitals and specialist Doctors and Surgeons in India, Thailand and UAE. It is a fact that India has perhaps the best and most affordable healthcare in the world today. India culturally and traditionally has always been a welcoming nation and treats each visitor as God Himself. OnlyMerit has created a platform that leverages all of these strengths to meet all your requirements of Healthcare and Medical treatment.

OnlyMerit Services in sequence

  • Consultation with the right Doctors / Hospitals
  • Negotiation and finalization of the entire treatment package
  • Tests and Checkups
  • Travel Arrangements including flights / local transport.
  • Stay arrangments for you and your attendant
  • Post operative / treatment care

How it all began ?

In 2017, the co-founders formalized OnlyMerit as a professional service provider for Medical / Healthcare Treatment and Travel especially to India. With significant knowledge of both the African and indian Medical and healthcare industry, OnlyMerit has designed and executed a very effective organization that ensures all services are under one roof and the process is totally hassle free for the customers. Over the last 2 years, we have set up all the hospital and doctor tie-ups, the travel tie-ups and everything else to make your treatment safe and effective and efficient.
We stand by our simple moto - Focus on recovering, leave the rest to us.
The years of experience has allowed us to keep the process simple – share your requirements, get a quote, come to India, get concierge help from OnlyMerit, get treated, recuperate and happily return.

Our Mission

To serve the mankind and enable Medical travelers the power to choose the best choice of quality and affordable medical care across India. WE ARE COMMITTED to provide one stop Travel and Healthcare services to fulfill all medical needs of the patient in collaboration with the world class Hospitals in India.

Our Vision

   Be the Leader with no space for competitor to cater Healthcare and travel in single platform, making it 'OnlyMerit'